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Our story

2007-2013 Nick and Dmitrii are getting their degrees in robotics and integrated automation.
2010 Nick writes a term thesis Predicting the price movement in the currency market by means of mathematical analysis.
2011 Nick develops his first indicators and algorithmic robots for the exchange market.
Summer 2015 Gene by luck (or not) buys his first BTC. Tests transactions, network, and technology, and leaves it all till better days.
July 2017 Gene joins the blockchain project team (its story was relentless) and begins to dive deeper into the cryptocurrency and blockchain market.
September 2017 Dmitrii, who comes from a technical background, comes up with his first idea of trading algorithms on crypto exchanges since interest in cryptocurrencies is booming again. The initial project had two founders.
November 2017 The development of the first arbitrage robot on the Bitfinex exchange starts. Unfortunately, despite the high volatility and active market, within 2 months it was not possible to get the robot to make a profit due to the Bitfinex’s poor technical infrastructure. The strategy did not work, and high-frequency trading (HFT) was simply not possible.
January 2018 The team switches to the Binance exchange which was actively gaining momentum, but hasn’t become a market leader yet. Low commissions (an important condition for HFT) and the excellent technical infrastructure of the project seemed like a good match. After 2 weeks of work, we wrote an algorithm that started earning. At that time, the market was highly inefficient, so we were able to generate up to 30% returns on our capital per month.
Spring 2018 Gene takes an open course MIT, Blockchain and Money. Filled with an unfaltering passion for crypto, he begins to explore protocol analytics and blockchain projects while making his first investments in crypto projects.
Fall 2018 Binance plans to reduce commissions’ discounts and the market becomes more mature and efficient, meaning that the algorithm will stop working. At the same time, Nick – a specialist in low-level design solutions – joins the team. An active study of several areas starts. The areas include customization of the algorithm for 20 leading exchanges, testing of inter-exchange arbitrage, and development and refinement of the Binance algorithm. It was difficult, painful, but insightful. Many lessons were received during the entire next year.
For example, many exchanges (almost all the top 20 ones) increased the volume to reach the CoinMarketCap’s top and get their traffic from there. This move made working with them challenging, as most of the exchange trade turned out to be fake. The team began to understand the specifics of the market better and dived even deeper into the technical details. Although we were making profit, there was no stability.
Spring 2019 ‘Throughout the year, I was looking to take positions with 10x potential, under the conservative assumption that the crypto space will not grow as a whole. Much of my own investment to this point turned out to be an investment in training,’ - says Gene.
September 2019 The trading algorithm is completely rewritten, the new v2.0 algorithm incorporates the experience we gained. The work on stability under different market conditions continues.
October 2019 A new version of the algorithm is ready. The updated strategy began to earn steadily and growth has begun. Up to this point, only our own funds were invested into the project.
December 2019 The first investors (friends and acquaintances) joined the project. We closed all possible allocations very quickly. Since the strategy is neutral to the market, and does not work under very risky market conditions, and thanks to our focus on security, not a single investor has left us.
December 2020 Over the past 15 months, Gene has analyzed a multitude of applications, protocols, and companies in the DeFi and CeFi ecosystems and eventually produced industry-leading research on how to value opportunities. At the same time, DeFi proved to be the vertical within the crypto asset ecosystem that has achieved product/market fit with a relatively broad (and growing) user base. Gene switches focus to DeFi and looks into supplying liquidity to DeFi projects.
January 2021 When Dmitrii & Gene meet up, they discover they have been working in the same area for the past few years. They discuss the legal side and how to work in the crypto market within the framework of legislation and jurisdictions.
March 2021 – January 2022 Gene, Dmitrii, and Nick share their experience and start working on various investment ideas and automation of liquidity supply on Uniswap.
January 2022 The team decided to share internal strategies and developments with the open market to build services and products for retail investors. This initiative marks the start of the EarnPark platform development.
April 2022 Since October 19, the robot has been successfully working and bringing monthly income without a single month of loss. The system is constantly being developed and improved, because stopping means losing. The team became one of Binance’s TOP-100 liquidity providers.
May 2022 The EarnPark platform with automated strategies for external investors is launched.