What to do then

Well, the short answer is to accumulate and invest in digital assets.

Compared to the Internet, — the same amount of users, capitalization, and other adoption metrics.

The cryptocurrency sphere takes up only 1.2% of the total volume of the global market.

In 5 years — 5%, in 10 years — 10%, in 30 years — 20% in the stock market share.

Within 25 years, the market will reach a capitalization of $100 Trillion.

Cryptocurrencies are now perhaps the most profitable asset class for the next 10-20-30 years. Price fluctuations and 90% drawdowns are quite expected for a maturing asset class.

The technology behind the entire industry has the potential to change all aspects of digital life forever, from financial technology to entertainment. We didn't have the ability to truly own digital assets without managing the physical hardware they exist on until Bitcoin was created.

Each crypto industry's market cycle has left the ecosystem stronger than the last. In crypto, we see that failures are not fatal to the industry but instead a necessary step in moving towards the future. The collapse of the market and many projects in 2022 exposed important problems. The following innovative projects will already include their solution, which will catalyze further growth.

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