Preserve. Delta

The savings rate at the beginning of an investment career (first 10 years) is far more important than costs, compound interest and volatility combined.

In essence, if you don't have money, you need to earn it first. Earn as much as you can and don't spend it on luxury items to "impress" others.

You need to spend less each month than you earned in the previous month.

Income - Expenses = Delta

Delta>0 - investment resource

Delta<0 - first make it and only then start investing.

The goal here is to save 10-20% of monthly income.

Just like that! If you don't learn to do this with your income now, then when your income grows your losses will grow with it.

Remember the 50/30/20 rule:

50% — for your needs;

30% — for your wants;

20% — for your financial goals: savings and paying debts.

By spending less on things that aren't that important, you will have more for what's really important.

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