Is the assumption about the digital asset market 100% true? No.

Such a big reward (potentially) also has risks:

  1. Do we really need it as humanity? Or no one actually does? It's a matter of faith. Our team believes that people need ways to realize their freedom to exchange and make deals without mediators. We put our resources and attention into realizing crypto for the people.

  2. Will something happen that might stop crypto from evolving? Will the Internet shut down, or will each country have its own? Or maybe a strong actor or a group will want to destroy crypto. There is always a possibility.

However, it is our opinion that the end of the current "frenzy" represents the optimal investment window within the Web3 technology cycle, as institutionalization will ensure consistent and sustained growth in various sectors (e.g., decentralized finance) and the number of apps in those sectors.

As a technology, crypto will take the same path as others:

Bitcoin was created in 2009. It has existed for more than 14 years and has survived 80% dips, large exchange hacks, bans in many countries, negative news, and accusations from public figures. assumes that every year that BTC survives, it makes it stronger and increases the likelihood that it will live at least as long as it already has.

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