A lot of people are so risk-sensitive that they're afraid to invest $100 even in stocks. But if lured into a high-profit scheme, they'd be ready to invest $1000 to get $300 monthly in profits.

The idea of earning $300 each month reduces the stress associated with paying bills or meeting financial goals. Also, it seems so quick and easy with a one-time risk rather than investing $10,000-$50,000 with regular additions over the years.

Just start investing.

Take the plunge with $100 and explore investment opportunities.

Learn the protocols and understand the workings of the market, and if you happen to lose that initial $100, remember that you'll gain invaluable experience.

In the short term, the value of cryptocurrency rises and falls drastically.

Using Bitcoin as an example, there has been an upward price trend for many years and we can make the assumption that this trend will continue over time.

Investing in cryptocurrency using a long-term strategy is a way to avoid the volatile cycle and fluctuations we see over a short period of time. This approach is based on the assumption that an upward price trend will stay that way for years.

This approach is known as in the stock market. You buy stocks and hold them for years or decades.

While you wait 10-20 years for your crypto to grow in value, you can earn additional value through .

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