Earnpark Docs


This is a rough roadmap that describes the key blocks we plan to implement. You can influence the roadmap and request a feature in the Discord --> #bugs-and-ideas channel.
New coins and assets will be added based on the market maturity, and investment strategies will be developed for them.
Q1 '23
  • ✓ Rebranding and new website
  • ✓ ID Verification
  • ✓ Referral Program
Q2 '23
  • ✓ SEC registration
  • Staking strategy (ETH)
  • Localization V.1
  • ✓Address book
  • Whitelist
  • Strategies with different risks and returns under the investor’s risk profile
Q3 '23
  • Index DeFi strategies
  • Swap V.1
  • Mobile app (iOS / Android) V.1
  • Transparency of strategies
Q4 '23
  • Simplified tax reporting V.1
  • Token and tokenomics
  • DeFi asset management (Onchain, Metamask)
  • Fiat gateway