Earnpark Docs

How to withdraw?

How to withdraw funds from the platform? How to send crypto to another wallet?
To withdraw crypto to another wallet, just go to your wallet page. Find the coin you want to send and click the withdraw button.
In the withdrawal form, enter the address and the amount of crypto you want to send. Then, press the Continue button.
Get email and 2FA code and enter it on the platform. Then, press the Confirm button.
Open your verification app to get the 2FA confirmation code.
You can see your transaction status in the account’s transaction window.

Please be advised:

  • EarnPark supports two BTC wallet address formats: SegWit and Bech32. As for the other coins, we only support ERC-20 network at the moment.
  • You can check the actual withdrawal fees of any available coin in the withdrawal form of your wallet.
  • By withdrawing, you acknowledge that EarnPark is not responsible for any digital assets sent to the wrong address.
  • The transaction’s confirmation time may vary based on the conditions of the corresponding network.