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How to protect yourself from scams?

Beware of suspicious messages & content. As with any online interaction, we recommend following some simple rules mentioned below.
  • DON'T give away your account login or password information to anyone. We’ll never ask for your password or other security codes, and you should never give them to anyone.
  • DON'T give away information for any of your accounts to other users.
  • Don’t click on links in emails from anybody you don’t trust. Also, double-check the sender’s email address to make sure the email is actually coming from where it says it’s from.
  • Never share your personal information. When someone contacts you over the phone, by email, or on social media, do not disclose your private keys, banking and credit card information, your birthdate, and social security/social insurance numbers.
  • Do not pay in advance. Usually, scammers promise you gains or tell you that you have won something, but you have to pay taxes or fees in advance. Most likely, they just want to take your money.
  • If you received a very attractive offer, but you have doubts, take some time to think it over and talk to someone you trust. You may be pressured to act immediately, as scammers typically try to make you think something is scarce or on a limited time offer. Do not rush and discuss it with a family member, friend, or financial advisor.
  • Avoid installing third-party apps in your app, such as Anydesk, which gives scammers complete access to your device.
  • If you ever receive an invoice via email claiming that you have a large sum of money locked in blockchain, and you need to pay to unlock it, this is a scam. Make sure to report this email and contact support if you need help.